Piper Warrior III


The six Piper Warrior III's are the flagship aeroplane type of the MFS Fleet. They offer a safe, responsive and stable flight platform and are amongst the youngest Piper training fleets in Australia. We know how much trainee pilots invest in learning to fly so we believe they deserve to be flying in the newest and best equipped aeroplanes available. 

Piper Archer III


The Piper Archer III’s feature the slightly larger 180 Hp Lycoming engine when compared to the Warrior.  They allow students to become familiar with a small ‘overhead panel’. Their faster cruise speed provides the bridge between a Warrior and our multi-engine Piper Seminole. The Archer is used to complete the first stage of CPL training prior to embarking on the multi-engine endorsement. 

Piper Seminole


The Piper Seminole is a classic and highly successful multi-engine trainer. Relatively simple to fly and handle, it forms the perfect multi-engine trainer used to complete student’s initial multi-engine endorsement. It provides a fast and stable platform for students to complete the remainder of their CPL. We also utilise our Seminoles to complete part of our NVFR syllabus and MECIR. 

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