Moorabbin Flying Services (MFS), established in 1993, has a goal to provide excellence in flight training and specialist instruction to every student pilot from either a domestic or international geographic location. Today, we can confidently say that we have delivered on this goal as we are considered by our students, flight instructors, peers and industry as one of the finest flying schools in Australia. 

Based at Moorabbin Airport, MFS has grown to become one of Australia's premiere commercial pilot and private pilot training organisations. Our commitment to flying training is second to none, fostered by our highly experienced flight and aviation theory instructors and approved flight testing officers, who together amass over 120,000 logged flight hours.

The Directors and staff of MFS have a keen desire to ensure the quality of flight instruction and training that students experience at MFS exceeds their expectations. At MFS we are pleased to offer each of our students and customers a guaranteed commitment of service and excellence to assist them reaching their aspirations of a career in aviation.