Flight Instructor Rating

As one of the most trusted positions in the industry Flight Instructors have a very important job in aviation. Flight instructors teach students how to fly using a variety of methods that include textbooks, simulators and practical flight training. Flight Instructors help students gain a thorough understanding of each flight lesson prior to taking to the air and also help prepare the student for the written tests which they can expect to face when applying for their pilot licence.

Course details:

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) free. 
  • Courses run throughout the year.
  • This course combines both classroom based ground theory and practical flight training.
  • Potential for employment as an instructor at MFS upon completion.
  • How to apply: Direct Entry. 
  • Please send enquiries to Immanuel at immanuelb@mfs.com.au.

Flight Instructor Rating Sept 18 (pdf)


Night VFR Rating Sept18 (pdf)