Remote Pilot Licence

RePL (Multi Rotor)

MFS Drone Pilot.

This course prepares students for the Remote Pilot Licence (Multi Rotor) in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Authority in line with Part 101 Manual of Standards. Students gain the relevant knowledge in flight planning, navigation, meteorology, aerodynamics, Multi Rotor aircraft components, Air Law and Human Factors. The course also includes five hours of practical instruction on Multi Rotor Aircraft. Upon completion of the course you will be qualified to fly a drone commercially for a CASA approved Operator.

Course overview:

  • Cost includes all theory materials and hand-outs.
  • Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) with ELP.
  • CASA RePL Licence processing (licence fee not included).
  • Pathway into RePL Beyond Visual Line of Sight.
  • No previous aviation experience required.
  • How to apply: Direct Entry. Contact details below.
  • Course duration: 5 days.
  • Cost: $3080 (including GST).
  • Next course: TBA

RePL Conversion course

MFS Drone Pilot.

If you have a passed an Aviation Flight Crew Licence or higher, you automatically satisfy the theory component of a Remote Pilot Licence. This conversion course will give you a CASA Certified Remote Pilot Licence with the skills to operate to a high standard commercially. Our instructors are all aviation pilots and remote pilots, working in the field, so you can be assured of receiving the highest quality training. CASA also requires that you have logged 5 hrs on the type of aircraft you intend to fly commercially. You can either gain this experience on your own or receive training from our experienced instructors. You will need this experience prior to conducting your flight test. Operating a drone has a unique set of skills so we have designed this course that bridges the gap from your manned aviation experience.

Course overview:

  • Multi Rotor Components and Battery Management.
  • Mission Planning.
  • Risk Assessment and the Law.
  • How to apply: Direct Entry. Contact details below.
  • Course duration: 1 day.
  • Cost: $764 (including GST).
  • Next course: TBA

Flight Foundations 1 day course

MFS Drone Pilot.


The new CASA laws allow sub 2 kg operation without Remote Pilot Licence but you still need the knowledge and skills to operate safely. This course takes you through the safe planning and operation of a commercial drone mission. It will set you up to present a great safety case to clients, plus gives you the extra confidence to take to the skies. This course is ideal for filmmakers and  photographers and it may assist you in obtaining insurance for your next job.

Course overview:

  • Minimum 1 hr flight training.
  • Course content:
    • Basic maintenance and pre flight procedures.
    • Battery safety management.
    • Hazards and the law.
  • No previous aviation experience required.
  • How to apply: Direct Entry. Contact details below.
  • Course duration: 1 day.
  • Cost: $599 (including GST).
  • Next course: TBA

Moorabbin Flying Services Drone Licence


What is the minimum age for Remote Pilot Licence?

There is no age limit for Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). To apply for an Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC), you must have turned 17. 

Do I need to pass an exam for Remote Pilot Licence?

 Yes. There is a theory exam at the end of the course that requires an 80% pass mark. 

What will my licence allow me to do?

Your licence will be a multi rotor licence up to 7kg and it will allow you to work under the Standard Operating Conditions as professional drone pilot. You can work outside the Standard Operating Conditions if you have an approval and/or work under a Remote Operator Certificate. You can fly a heavier drone but you must obtain an endorsement.

What drone aircraft do you train on?

DJI Phantom 4 Pro. 

Do I need any prior experience?

No prior experience is required. You will be under instruction for approximately 5 hours. 

I have a Flight Crew Licence. What are my options?

If you have a pass in the BAK or higher, you satisfy the theory component of the Remote Pilot Licence. There is however a flight test and some knowledge deficiencies you need to make up. Our one-day course is designed to make up that deficit from manned aviation onto unmanned flight. You will require 5 hours on a Multi Rotor of the type you are to be tested on.